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Welcome to Agrolab Service
Laboratory of nematology and agrochemical analysis accredited by the Regional Plant Health Service

When passion supports agriculture

About us
AgroLAB Service, is a laboratory of Nematological and Agrochemical Analysis working in the agriculture sector. Agrolab Service is equipped with state of the art analytical instruments so as to have the data as accurate and reliable as possible. The laboratory (the only private center of nematological diagnosis in Sicily which is accredited by the Regional Plant Health Service) offers services to agricultural holdings, agrochemical companies, research centres, public institutions and university

When passion supports agriculture

Nematological analysis
Search for phytoparasites nematodes...

Agrochemical analysis
Chemico-physical analysis of the soil....

Fertilization plan
Fertilization plan for .....

Phitoiatric plan
Fertilization plan for .....


"XIII Congresso Nazionale della Società Italiana di Nematologia 2019"

Agrolab Service - via Vittorio Veneto, 9 - 97011 Acate (RG)
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Nematological analysis:
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